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Seeing is Believing!  Check Out Our New Data Center Tour Video Series

Posted by Gene Rogers on Nov 9, 2015 9:20:15 PM

A live tour is the best way to experience all the unique attributes of our data centers first-hand. But we fully realize that sometimes that’s not possible, so we have created 5 short videos that allow you to virtually “go inside” our centers and see for yourself what makes Net Access so special. Click below to go to our new video page, where you can chose from short 2 minute videos about High Density Colocation, Disaster Recovery Seating, Data Center Power Systems, Data Center Cooling Systems, and Physical Security. 

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Finally, a Disaster Recovery Solution Designed Specifically for Virtualized Environments!

Posted by Gene Rogers on Nov 4, 2015 9:38:35 AM

The vast majority of business continuity technologies were designed to protect physical servers, not virtual environments and don’t fully align to the flexibility and mobility benefits offered by virtual infrastructure. Our new FLEXReplication offering addresses this issue head-on

Using technology from Zerto, FLEXReplication allows anyone running Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware to enable Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) effortlessly to their environment. With a VM running in their environment and a VPN tunnel we can, in near real-time, replicate their entire VM environment - including storage and applications - to the Net Access cloud. From there it is ready to power up in minutes in the event of a disaster event. This allows you to keep an up-to-date copy of all of your virtualized data in the secure Net Access data center, and lets you recover all or a subset of it in minutes, as needed, on a self-service basis. It also increases your ability to test recovery on-demand with a near-zero RTO without impacting your production environments.

Users have access to a robust web portal and API to manage their replicated VMs, including adding or deleting protected VMs, testing failover VMs, and viewing status, completely self-service. Meanwhile, they only need to pay a small fee per VM and storage costs until they spin these servers up.

This, combined with our FLEXOfficeRecovery product, offers a complete solution for every customer who needs a Disaster Recovery plan – and these days, DR plans are no longer strictly driven by compliance, or a “luxury” that only the largest organizations can deploy.


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New FLEXPortal Feature: System Health Dashboard

Posted by Gene Rogers on Oct 27, 2015 2:41:28 PM

Since our launch of FLEXPortal last month we have received great feedback and suggestions from many of our customers. We value your input and realize that your continued feedback is a vital part of being able to provide you with a next-generation tool that offers complete and customizable visibility into your entire infrastructure.

In order to focus all of our attention on FLEXPortal going forward, we will be phasing out the legacy Customer Care website effective November 6, 2105. So if you have yet to experience FLEXPortal, please do so ASAP by visiting and log-in with your existing customer care credentials. Please email us at  if you are experiencing any issues accessing FLEXPortal.

New FLEXPortal Feature: System Health Dashboard

One of the new features now available in the Support section is the System Health Status dashboard.  This tool provides you with real-time status overviews of all Net Access' critical infrastructure (Internet, power, cooling), systems (FLEXPortal, FLEX API) and facilities (OCT, MMU, WBR), as well as information about any active incidents that are presently affecting a system or a location. Visit Support > Incidents > System Health Dashboard to view  this dashboard.

Note: Click on the screenshots below to view full size images.

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Highlights from the MCCC CyberSecurity Awareness Month Event Hosted by Net Access

Posted by Gene Rogers on Oct 21, 2015 1:40:00 PM

We were honored to host the Morris County Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) Technology Committee’s monthly meeting yesterday, which featuring a special CyberSecurity Awareness Month panel discussion. 45 attendees discussed current risks, trends and protective best practices, and then were lead on a hands-on tour of our Parsippany II data center. A lively panel discussion was moderated by Net Access CEO Raul Martynek, and panelists included Khizar Sheikh, Esq. from Mandelbaum Salsburg, PC, James Mottola of Creative Solutions Investigative Services and Tom Brennan from the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Foundation. Thanks again to everyone for coming!




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Pictures From Our FLEXOfficeRecovery Grand Opening Event

Posted by Net Access on Oct 14, 2015 4:20:46 PM

It was a fun and informative afternoon at our FLEXOfficeRecovery grand opening celebration last Thursday in Cedar Knolls. Over 100 guests toured our new business continuity facility, enjoyed Oktoberfest-themed food and drinks and mingled with the Net Access team on a beautiful fall afternoon. Congratulations to Chris Porto from Persistent Telecom for winning our GoPro raffle.

Please click on the picture below to access the photo gallery from this event:


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Happy National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Posted by Gene Rogers on Oct 5, 2015 4:31:50 PM

This month marks National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which is a combined effort of Department of Homeland Security and the technology industry to raise awareness of cyber security and ensure that all Americans have the resources they need to remain safe and protected online. The “Stop. Think. Connect.” campaign, as part of Cyber Security Awareness Month, supports that responsibility by offering helpful Internet security tips to individuals and businesses.

Net Access understands the importance of cyber security—we help businesses protect their critical data every day. Our enterprise-class FLEXSecurity solutions provide comprehensive protection, performance and reliability for environments of all sizes. And we’re excited to bring attention to the importance of cyber security through this month-long initiative.

We are also hosting a Cybersecurity Awareness Month Panel Presentation at our Parsippany II data center on October 20th. Sponsored by the Morris County Chamber of Commerce Technology Committee, this event will feature Speakers James Mottola from Creative Solutions Investigative Services, Khizar A. Sheikh from Mandelbaum Salsburg PC and Tom Brennan from OWASP - The Open Web Application Security Project, as well as our own Raul Martynek, and will include a tour of the data center. This event is open to both members and non-members, and includes a continental breakfast, Full registration details can be found HERE.


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Net Access Weather Advisory Notification

Posted by Net Access on Oct 1, 2015 2:21:29 PM

Net Access is closely monitoring the developing weather conditions for Hurricane Joaquin. We have begun our normal operations related preparations for a storm that could have significant impacts to travel and also utility outages. Some of our preparations include:

  • Securing Hotel Rooms for Critical Staff
  • Notification of Fuel Vendors to ensure availability of additional fuel in the event of a long term utility outage
  • Performing Additional Readiness Tests of our UPS and Generation Plants

The National Weather Service's National Hurricane Center is currently forecasting that Hurricane Joaquin could be advancing towards the Northeast US by early to the middle of next week. While the severity of its impact to our area is unknown, our Facilities and Operations teams are taking precautionary measures to guard against service interruptions. Throughout the event, all systems will continue to be monitored as usual.

Additionally, the Facilities and Operations teams will be performing an increased number of visual inspections of building structure and all critical systems. In the event an emergency response is necessary, incident notifications will be sent. In addition, our Operations Center can be reached 24x7 by calling (973) 590-5050, by logging into the customer portal at and opening a ticket, or emailing




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Introducing FLEXPortal, Net Access’ New Online Customer Care Interface

Posted by Gene Rogers on Sep 28, 2015 9:19:40 PM

Over the past year we’ve worked collaboratively with customers and partners to develop a next-generation customer interface that better supports our "data driven data center" vision comprised of hybrid colocation, connectivity and managed services. After months of testing and tweaking, we are excited to announce the official launch of FLEXPortal.

FLEXPortal_PNGFLEXPortal provides you with complete visibility into all components of your Net Access account, from support tickets and invoices to service-specific usage summaries and analytics. This initial rollout offers all of the functionality of our legacy Customer Care portal, plus numerous enhancements, including the ability to upload documents, download lists as CSV/Excel files and manage and view your FLEXServer installations. It has a clean, intuitive, easy-to-use layout, and features a responsive design allowing it to be accessed via any device—smartphone, tablet or laptop—anywhere, at any time. Simply log in to with your existing customer care credentials to securely manage your account specifics, including:

  • Infrastructure - Access details and analytics pertaining to your specific services, including rack and server inventories, network assignments, alarm monitoring and power consumption.
  • Tickets - Manage your work order requests, open new tickets, and communicate with Net Access support professionals.
  • Orders- Access and track all current and past service orders.
  • Finance– Check account balances; view, download, and pay bills online, or update your contact information and/or payment method.
  • Logistics – Register and track data center visitors and shipments.

FLEXPortal was developed with our customers in mind. In the coming months we will phasing out our legacy Customer Care system, while continuing to add features and functionality to FLEXPortal, so please contact us at with any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions.




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IPv4 Era Comes to a Close, But Not at Net Access

Posted by Dan Spataro on Sep 27, 2015 8:21:21 PM

The American Registry for Internet Numbers announced late last week that its free pool of IPv4 addresses has reached zero. There is a waiting list for reclaimed/returned IPv4 space and an active IPv4 transfer market but this event marks the end of the ARIN allocated IPv4 era.

The total amount of IPv4 space is 4.3 billion addresses which was a staggering number when IPv4 was first deployed in the early 1980s. In today’s internet (over 3 billion internet users and climbing) where everyone seemingly has a need for multiple IP connected devices, 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses are quickly becoming exhausted. IPv6 is here to fix this problem but many providers are slow to adopt the technology, leaving IPv4 critical to the workings of the internet.

ARIN may be out of IPv4 space, but not Net Access. We started off 20 years ago as a dial-up ISP and as a result have close to 1 million IPv4 addresses under our ASN and several hundred thousand still available. Like any responsible Internet provider we have a strict IP allocation policy but there are many legitimate reasons why a customer could require a large amount of IP space. From a hosting company needing a /23 to a VoIP provider needing a /29 Net Access can provide those IPv4 addresses.

Our network has been IPv4/IPv6 dual stack since 2008 and we know our “stash” of IPv4 space will not last forever. So if you have a project that requires a lot of IP space, and have a preference for IPv4, come talk to us, we’d be happy to figure out if we can help.



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Join Us for an Octoberfest Open House at our New FLEXOfficeRecovery Facility

Posted by Gene Rogers on Sep 21, 2015 2:55:00 PM



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