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Earth Day - How we 'go green' at our data centers

Posted by Net Access Marketing on Apr 22, 2013 10:38:00 AM

At Net Access, we strive to lessen our impact on the environment. Since today is Earth Day, we thought it'd be a good time to talk about how we 'go green' at our data centers, and beyond.

Recycle Globe

In addition to increasing our data center efficiency, we also have several company-wide initiatives to be more green. We enable employees to work from home when possible by using VOIP phones and secure VPN access to their work computers.

We also have a company-wide recycling program, and purchase recycled and renewable products whenever possible.

In addition to these general company measures, we design our facilities to use the latest in green data center technology to increase efficiency.

Our green data centers utilize various energy saving technologies including:

  • Heat Recapture Technology – This revolutionary design captures the IT heat load from each cabinet and uses a chimney to route it back to the HVAC systems. This eliminates hot air contamination from the ambient supply air in the facility, which makes spot cooling unnecessary. Not only does this produce an environment that is much nicer for people to work in, it also saves a tremendous amount of energy in cooling.


  • Virtualization – We leverage virtualization technology to reduce the number of physical servers and resulting power consumption needed to run our IT infrastructure. Rather than running inefficient standalone servers for each application, we have consolidated these applications using virtualization which has resulted in decreased energy consumption for internal infrastructure.


  • High Efficiency UPS – Our green data centers utilize high efficiency UPS systems that are nearly 99% efficient. Since our facilities have tremendous amounts of power in use, this measure accounts for a significant energy savings.


  • Cardboard – There are large amounts of IT gear arriving at the data center daily. We recycle all of the boxes for not only our equipment; we also recycle our customer’s cardboard boxes to ensure that this does not end up being thrown in the garbage.


  • Efficient lighting – We utilize LED interior perimeter security lighting, which helps to reduce our energy consumption. Colocation cages utilize timer based lights that shut off after the customer leaves their cage, so that the lights are not left on unnecessarily.

These are just some of the measures currently in place. Our engineers are routinely researching additional methods we can deploy to improve efficiency. Our green data centers demonstrate our commitment to the environment and are just some of the innovations that make our facilities data centers of the future.

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