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Why Host With a Local Cloud Provider?

Posted by Net Access Marketing on Jun 11, 2013 9:18:00 AM

Cloud proximity can provide faster, safer, and more affordable access

location location locationWhat matters most in real estate? Location. Location. Location. While the Cloud is accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet, where your data center is located is critical to user satisfaction. Using the example of companies with corporate headquarters located in New York City; let’s look at some of reasons why “cloud proximity” matters.


First, let’s consider the advantages of being based in the NYC metropolitan area. Companies there can leverage the large, existing network hubs to transmit data to customers, prospects and the rest of the world, which is why so many successful companies are headquartered there, especially in Manhattan. But at the same time, the NYC real estate market is very pricey. Therefore, the cost factors associated with building new data centers or moving servers to a more secure location in NYC can be outside the budgetary reach of many small-to-medium size businesses.



The question for growing companies isn’t “if” they need to build, expand, or relocate their data centers, but rather “when.” With the vast amount of global data today, if all of it was stored on CDs it would form 5 stacks that would reach the moon according to a June 2013 Foreign Affairs report. In this age where “big data” is on a trajectory to skyrocket to unforeseen levels (doubling in size every two to three years), a fast, secure and reliable data center is a must-have for any company seeking to remain competitive in this ever-evolving business environment.


Following the same example of NYC-based companies, the challenge of where to house, manage and maintain data has opened up opportunities just across the river from Manhattan in New Jersey, which is easily accessible via all forms of transportation. New Jersey’s proximity, combined with lower electrical power costs, more affordable office space, and ready-to-go industrialized buildings that can easily be transformed into data centers has made the Garden State a hub for growing companies with ever-evolving data center needs.


The benefits of “cloud proximity”

For enterprises seeking to expand, build or simply relocate all or part of their IT infrastructure, hosting locally or within close proximity to a ‘local’ cloud provider enables them to:


  • Quickly upload and download data onsite, as needed
  • Use local support, which saves costs and time, because anytime an upgrade or update to your servers is needed, you can simply send your technicians and have them back in the office the same day
  • Ensure your data is safe from prying eyes, or those wishing to do harm. The right provider offers comprehensive data security, with state-of-the-art security systems and multi-level facility sign in processes


When your cloud is in close proximity to users, it facilitates application delivery and performance. As data continues to grow worldwide, spurring economic change, access to critical data needs to be fast and flawless. On the other hand, users can be impatient. Therefore, in addition to providing more cloud accessibility, speed, reliability and security are additional must-haves.


Want to maximize user satisfaction in the new world of “big data?” Where your cloud is deployed and its proximity to users matters. 


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