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Net Access Weather Advisory Notification

Posted by Net Access on Oct 1, 2015 2:21:29 PM

Net Access is closely monitoring the developing weather conditions for Hurricane Joaquin. We have begun our normal operations related preparations for a storm that could have significant impacts to travel and also utility outages. Some of our preparations include:

  • Securing Hotel Rooms for Critical Staff
  • Notification of Fuel Vendors to ensure availability of additional fuel in the event of a long term utility outage
  • Performing Additional Readiness Tests of our UPS and Generation Plants

The National Weather Service's National Hurricane Center is currently forecasting that Hurricane Joaquin could be advancing towards the Northeast US by early to the middle of next week. While the severity of its impact to our area is unknown, our Facilities and Operations teams are taking precautionary measures to guard against service interruptions. Throughout the event, all systems will continue to be monitored as usual.

Additionally, the Facilities and Operations teams will be performing an increased number of visual inspections of building structure and all critical systems. In the event an emergency response is necessary, incident notifications will be sent. In addition, our Operations Center can be reached 24x7 by calling (973) 590-5050, by logging into the customer portal at and opening a ticket, or emailing