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New FLEXPortal Feature: System Health Dashboard

Posted by Gene Rogers on Oct 27, 2015 2:41:28 PM

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Since our launch of FLEXPortal last month we have received great feedback and suggestions from many of our customers. We value your input and realize that your continued feedback is a vital part of being able to provide you with a next-generation tool that offers complete and customizable visibility into your entire infrastructure.

In order to focus all of our attention on FLEXPortal going forward, we will be phasing out the legacy Customer Care website effective November 6, 2105. So if you have yet to experience FLEXPortal, please do so ASAP by visiting and log-in with your existing customer care credentials. Please email us at  if you are experiencing any issues accessing FLEXPortal.

New FLEXPortal Feature: System Health Dashboard

One of the new features now available in the Support section is the System Health Status dashboard.  This tool provides you with real-time status overviews of all Net Access' critical infrastructure (Internet, power, cooling), systems (FLEXPortal, FLEX API) and facilities (OCT, MMU, WBR), as well as information about any active incidents that are presently affecting a system or a location. Visit Support > Incidents > System Health Dashboard to view  this dashboard.

Note: Click on the screenshots below to view full size images.