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Disaster Recovery and Disaster Resilience

Posted by Net Access Marketing on Mar 20, 2013 10:44:00 AM

Welcome to the new Net Access blog! For our first post we are going to talk about Disaster Resilience.

Disaster Resiliency

We recently had a seminar focused on Disaster Recovery and Disaster Resilience. What we've found is that many organizations have spent time thinking about how to recover from a disaster, but not enough time thinking about how to not have a disaster in the first place.

Where Disaster Recovery focuses on being prepared to react to disasters, Disaster Resilience focuses on being prepared so that disasters are less likely to occur. We posed this question in our presentation:

  • Q: What is better than a bullet-proof D/R plan?
  • A: To not have any problems in your production!

In the past when organizations planned their Disaster Recovery initiatives, they typically had their primary IT infrastructure in their offices, and then kept some infrastructure in a secondary location (either another office building or data center) in case the primary went down.

One of the reasons for this was because network connectivity at the office was either too expensive or too slow to have the primary offsite and performance would be effected.  The problem with this scenario is that offices are typically not designed to effectively host IT infrastructure, they are designed to host people.


In the last 5 - 7 years, we have seen a shift in strategy for many organizations where they are moving their primary IT infrastructure to data centers designed to mitigate risk.  This is enabled by new high speed Internet connectivity options like Ethernet that ensure performance is not disrupted by the move.

By keeping the primary IT infrastructure at a data center that is designed with redundant backup power systems, redundant network connectivity, and onsite technical experts, your organization is less susceptible to disruptions, making your business more resilient.

Why Data Centers?

How do we do this?  There are several ways; below is an example of how some organizations configure their networks for this type of resiliency by utilizing a private Ethernet between their office and our data center.

Data Center To Office Connectivity

If you would like to speak with our engineers about your IT infrastructure and our recommendations for making your business disaster resilient, click the link below for more details!

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