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Net Access Establishes Direct IP Peering with Verizon

Posted by Dan Spataro on Aug 4, 2015 8:34:31 AM

We are pleased to announce that effective last month the Net Access IP network is now directly connected to the Verizon IP backbone. With this new direct peering arrangement our network customers will see improved performance with reduced congestion and lower latency when exchanging traffic with Verizon subscribers. They will also benefit from increased redundancy (by reducing the dependence on transit providers), dedicated, not shared, capacity and increased routing control over traffic. Since Verizon is one of the largest ASNs in the market, this is an especially significant milestone for customers with Internet facing applications/websites, and who distribute content via infrastructure located in our data center.

The below graph illustrates the improvements we have seen in both latency and packet loss since moving from transit providers to direct peering with Verizon late in week 26:


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