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3 Ways to Determine if Your Company Needs Disaster Recovery Seating

Posted by Net Access Marketing on Apr 8, 2013 2:59:00 PM

Many organizations struggle with how to be best prepared for disasters. With the speed of business moving so quickly, we realize we need to make our technology infrastructure resilient so that our systems continue to operate during disasters. This important measure is only one half of the equation though, the other half is preparing back up plans for our most important asset; people.

disaster recovery seatingDisaster Recovery Seating addresses this challenge by providing office seats at a secure location with backup power and redundant network connectivity. This enables companies to have a place for their employees to work, even during a disaster which disrupts the power grid and network communications.


During Hurricane Sandy in 2012 so many businesses were affected by a lack of power in their offices and in employee's homes that they needed a better solution in order to continue business operations.

In addition to our normal disaster recovery seating rooms, we opened our doors to businesses that used storage rooms, conference rooms, and even hallways to provide a place where their employees could power their laptops and phones and have internet connectivity so they could continue to work.


Not sure if your organization could benefit from this?  Here are 3 Ways to Determine if Your Company Needs Disaster Recovery Seating

1.  Does your office have backup power and multiple network connections?

If a storm or other event disrupts the power utility in your area, does your office have reliable backup power systems in place so that employees can continue to work as usual? If not, your office is rendered unusable during these disruptions.

Likewise, if you do not have backup network connectivity (multiple Internet connections) and your primary connection goes down, are your employees able to remain productive?

2.  Can our employees work effectively from home in the event of a regional disaster?

In some cases, working from home in the event that your office is unusable is an effective course of action.  This typically requires having technology in place such as VPN, high speed internet, and ability to access remote systems.

During events that affect an entire region though, this is likely to present some issues because employee's homes may be experiencing the same power disruptions as the office. We saw this during Hurricane Sandy, when several companies planned to have employees work from home if their offices lost power, but most employee's homes were also without power.

3.  Can we afford to cease business operations for a few days or weeks in the event of a disaster?

If a disaster strikes and your office is unusable for a period of time, how will that affect your business financially? Some organizations are able to cease operations during a disaster and remain intact, but many cannot afford to be out of service for one day or less.


If you answered "no" to these questions, disaster recovery seating is worth looking into for your business. Most providers of disaster recovery seating offer different options ranging from seats in shared spaces to dedicated private suites.


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